Since Drake’s “Enough Said” reared its head on Sunday afternoon, not to mention word that he was executive producing a posthumous Aaliyah album, plus the possible inclusion of Timbaland, fans and critics have wondered the stance of the late singer’s family on the matter. Since they control her estate, they have final word on what happens concerning new music.

Aaliyah’s brother Rashad took to her official Facebook page to maybe put to rest all of the rumors concerning any new album from her:

But, the question remains – who exactly cleared “Enough Said” to begin with? The artwork for the song features Aaliyah’s former label Blackground which is ran by her uncle, Barry Hankerson so obviously there’s some inkling there but as Necole notes, the entire thing aside from Rashad’s input is murky at best.

Maybe the best possible solution is to let Baby Girl rest and leave her catalog open for interpretation from the many artists she’s inspired over the years from Drake & Kendrick Lamar. Keeping her name and legacy alive is great, but the possibility of tarnishing it with an inferior product or most certainly one her family doesn’t respect looms highly.