Hard to believe, but almost a year ago today, Day & A Dream introduced many readers to Elle Varner by way of her breakout single, “Only Wanna Give It to You” featuring J. Cole. At the very least, “Only Wanna Give It to You” was an incredible introduction, a refreshing sound and voice amidst an R&B genre that seemed to slowly but surely be losing its way and roots. A mixtape, another major single, and a whole lot of grind time later, it’s one week until Elle gets the opportunity to show and prove with her highly-anticipated debut album, Perfectly Imperfect. How times flies.

While it’s uncertain whether this is an attempt to either garner more buzz for the album or to tease her fans just a little more – perhaps it’s a combination of both – an album preview in the form of snippets from Perfectly Imperfect’s eleven tracks surfaced earlier today.

Faithful Elle fans will recognize the album’s two singles, in addition to “So Fly” (which popped up on Conversational Lush), “I Don’t Care,” and “Sound Proof Room,” which had a short run on the blogosphere. However, fair warning – “Stop The Clock” might be a bit of a problem, and “Not Tonight” has potential to be a nice precursor to #CuffingSeason.

Preview the album here by way of allmusic.com. Elle Varner’s Perfectly Imperfect arrives in stores and on iTunes August 7th.

[via ThatGrapeJuice]