Last night, Juicy J, the entire trippy experience and Devin The Dude showed how to properly set off a concert when the only names are you. There were no openers to necessarily speak of, just a supremely energized Juice Man from Memphis and one sleepy eyed stoned from Houston in sublime form.

It’s been a pure revelation to notice that Juicy J, one of the straight forward, no frills artists of the past two decades has fully taken command as a solo artist. His extensive catalog with Three 6 Mafia not withstanding, Juicy has comfortably rode the sort of nihilistic wave of the club atmosphere, the terrorizing bass and drums that signified the Three 6 sound before and bottled it into a persona which teeters mostly on being a maestro of inhibitions. Last years Rubberband Business 2, the sequel to his more than suprising, damn right stellar tape with Lex Luger spawned “Who Da Neighbors” & “Zip & a Double Cup”, blending lean culture with a hyperactive club scene built upon bravado, one liners and little else.

While Devin ran through a catalog that dates back some decades, includes some unmistakable classics in “Fuck You” from Dr. Dre’s 2001, “Doobie Ashtray” & “Lacville ’79” more than certain the appreciative crowd would roar in approval, consider what The Dude could smoke through next before pulling the crowd in once more for a casual mix of nostalgia. There’s an aura about him that screams to the old school, “me and my microphone” aesthetic – an appreciated practice in the days where hypemen usually drown out the main artist.

At no point did I figure the crowd to be evenly split between the youthful high school kids who are currently devouring Juicy J practices as if he graduated magna cum laude with ratchet as his specialty and those who seemingly tucked their love for Three 6 inside of dresses and slacks. “Bands A Make Her Dance” is arguably the year’s most fun and criminally sweet stripper song.

No wonder the stage was 75 women deep when it dropped (pictured above).

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