Leave it to Twitter to spark a rumor that came out of nowhere. Members awoke to the social network to see a trending topic #iPhone5$800 and #800DollarsForAniPhone, discussing the price for the upcoming sixth handset released by Apple since 2007. However, there is no clear answer for where the rumor came from – or why would Apple even consider raising the price on the sleeker design model $400 more than the price of the iPhone 4S when it was released last year.

But that didn’t stop the comedy from coming.

Speculation about iPhone related products always remains tepid on a daily basis but what we do know about the phone is that it could possibly be released next month on September 12th, will carry a smaller screen size with a 16:9 resolution, come equipped with iOS 6, a smaller dock connector and more. For more information on all the iPhone rumors, hit Gizmodo.