Ever wanted a classic depiction of Rick Ross on film? “Hold Me Back” should be your first glance. There’s topless scenes surrounded by hungry admirers, the gratuitous shot of ass from a dancer, the swagger steps of someone more comfortable in a dangerous jungle than its own inhabitants and the rowdy sort of chaos complete with mafioso touches that a few, Ross included can bottle up and let be known for more than five minutes at a time. Plus, it’s so gritty that even BET banned it before it stepped foot on their video premises.

Set in the notorious Calliope Projects of New Orleans, Ross makes it feel like he’s stepping right out into Carol City for the God Forgives, I Don’t single that resembles so much of his beefed up “B.M.F.” inspired work of the past two summers. It’s even washed in black and white frames for added effect. Tuesday, we’ll find out how much leniency Ross delivers to those who won’t ride inside the Maybach when GFID drops.