Today is a big day for sneaker fiends in Houston. The twelfth edition of the H-Town Sneaker Summit summer edition will kick off at Reliant Arena at 3 PM. Tickets are still available to see all of the various kicks, brands and even pretty faces (hi Draya). Chief Keef will be headlining the afterparty at Warehouse Live and in between you’ll hear plenty of stories about favorite sneakers, waits, lines and anything revolving around sneaker head lingo that only a head would know.

That being said, we expect many to be raving about five select pairs of kicks today, most of which have either been gawked at on this very site or our friends at Nice Kicks and others. As Bun B would say, “Peep and weep”. Being that Houston is a Jordan city first and foremost, expect these three kicks to rise up frequently at the summit, along with two other prominent kicks. Apparently there’s still going to be a rapper sneaker face off at the Summit today so be on the look out for that. Without further adieu…

Nike Air Jordan 7 “Olympic”

I think we’ve covered these enough considering they were released last Saturday but between these and the 6s that dropped the week before, expect a duel from sneakerheads on these particular two items. Probably worn by the heads who cop Jordans once a month, having gotten the “playoff” 12s in June.

Nike Air Jordan XI “Bred”

Yes, these bad boys don’t officially drop until Christmas, but they still will be a hot button item come Sunday afternoon. The release of the “Bred” colorway of the XI marks the fourth year in a row in which Jordan Brand decided to unleash a colorway of arguably the most popular Air Jordan ever released. Still fashionable enough to be rocked with a tux, the XIs will forever be revered in Houston, much like any Air Jordan release that is seen like the “Holy Grail”. Speaking of which…

Nike Air Jordan IV “Fire Red”

Not available to retailers until next Saturday, the “Fire Red” mock of the Air Jordan IVs will be a tried and true pickup for anyone still knee deep in Jordan mythology. The sneaker regained prominence in 2006 when Jay-Z rocked the pair of classic kicks in the back pages of XXL. Before then, these remained on our editor-in-chief’s holy grail sneaker collection due to the wiring, the comfort and overall style of the shoe. Someone or two will be rocking these, your eyes will glow green with envy and you’ll have to consider making a purchase next Saturday.

Nike LeBron 9 “South Beach”

In a year that saw King James successfully pick up his first NBA title, his signature sneaker saw its first Jordan like hype release with the “South Beach” edition of the LeBron 9s escaping from retailers and onto the feet of Houston sneakerheads. Nevermind that no LeBron sneaker outside of the “Pre-Heat” & “South Beach” stirred up such a frenzy with consumers, people in Houston love rolling with a winner. In March, when I visited Austin for SXSW, the basic colorway LeBrons were still on the shelves. Same when I went to scout for an upcoming Jordan release. Now? Sought after like hot cakes.

Nike Air Yeezy 2

The H is a city which loves to show off its exclusives. Nothing seems more exclusive at the moment than the Nike Air Yeezy 2, Kanye West’s second signature sneaker. The first being a major hit at the summer Sneaker Summit back in 2010, the second is even more promising and rare given its price tag and how sought after they were when they were released earlier this year. Most go to the Summit to show off and stunt and aside from any Jordan or LeBron, this is the sneaker to keep an eye out for.

CRED: Marquee Sole, Nice Kicks