Wale’s poetry combined with a piano and light drums has all the makings of a suave Def Poetry Jam but we’re talking about Rick Ross, Drake’s buttery smooth chorus and “Diced Pineapples”, the aphrodisiac behind some of the sweeter tastes in life. Folarin’s the big winner here as Ross makes sexual innuendos and then some just for the panache and feel of the track.

Meanwhile, “Sixteen” is a sprawling epic, eight minutes of heavy snares combined with Andre 3000 dominating every aspect of the track from adlibs, a chorus, a guitar solo and his longest trek bar wise on a track ever since he started teasing us with feature verses way back in 2007. Both are the face value reason why you want to see whether or not God Forgives, I Don’t lives up to its creator’s own hype. Everything else? You’ll have to judge via your neighborhood bootlegger nearest big box store or iTunes next Tuesday.