In his interview with The FADER back in April, reknowned master of screw tapes OG Ron C thanked Drake as one of the singular reasons why the genre, coined after DJ Screw’s methodical slowing of records to a certain BPM and then scratches to highlight noteworthy moments was heading back to the forefront. Couple that along with the resurrgence of lean across the country and no one particular entity has been more profitable by taking what worked in the 90s and 00s and propping it for extended life in a third decade.

If you meet him or his main apprentice DJ Candlestick, they’re both quiet, only boastful when need be and towering forces only when the light is shone upon them. Candlestick picks up on the hipster culture, dubstep and other genres and blends them for his Campus Love & Campus Workout blend tapes. His signature however has been under Ron C’s tutelage, no more special than when Drake’s Chop Care took off like a speeding bullet when it debuted in late 2011. It was the finest purple tape of the year, a perfect blend of Drake’s insular talents and mood with that of the hazy drug culture that partially influenced it. Dealing with another three matters, such as Curren$y’s recent Cigarette Boats tape with producer Harry Fraud, Girl Talk’s mashup All Day excursion and Frank Ocean’s debut album channel ORANGE take different approachs for their three totally different canvases to work around.

Purple All Day takes the already supremely hyperactive collection of Pittsburgh DJ Girl Talk’s 2010 mix and melts it down to a substantial crawl, taking its built in aesthetic of “must be heard live” and making it more approachable from a more shallow pool of listening. The original is spacious, fun and carries an attention deficit tag with it considering that GT sampled at least 300 different songs and packed them into twelve mixes. It’s probably OG’s most smirk inducing work for attempting to take a Road Runner fast mix and getting it tied down to a specific speed without having to call Willie Coyote.

Slowing down Curren$y’s Cigarette Boats take less effort and more emphasis on where exactly to layer the chops. Harry Fraud delivered upon five excellent instrumentals and while Spitta always comes through with something dope, hearing him heard in the concept of slowed, timely muddled vocals adds to his appeal. Almost as if every Spit Vicious tape needs to come with a B-side of nothing but slowed down tracks.

The Ocean tape, which Ron C calls a “masterpiece” builds off of his statements from the 2011 chopping and not slopping mind you of Frank’s nostalgia.ULTRA tape. From the onset there, Ron C asks a simple question, “Is this going to get me some hoes? The hoes gon’ like this?”. Then he was unfamiliar with the Odd Future affiliate. Here, his shit talk is well versed in Ocean’s stylings, picking select times to inject his own opinion on the singer’s revelation about his sexuality while rearranging the tracklist to fit his own tempo.

Slim K’s mix from earlier in the month merely took the bonus track “Golden Girl” and cut it into the main proceedings. Here, Ron C cuts out everything that doesn’t fit his input, taking the majority of the more thoughtprovoking album cuts, “Thinkin’ Bout You”, “Pink Matter” & “Pyramids” and pressing them right in the same field of any of his Fuck Action tapes. “Pyramids” loses its A-side all together, focused more upon the slower, more sexual tale of a prostitue and her pimp.

The summer is drenched in purple, all thanks to Ron C, the Chop Stars and an incredible slate of music for your enjoyment.

DOWNLOAD: Frank Ocean & OG Ron C – channel PURPLE | Alt. Link

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y & OG Ron C – Purple Cigarette Boats

DOWNLOAD: OG Ron C & Girl Talk – Purple All Day