Just when you think the Megaupload case was buried and dead, the Federal Government has a new trick up its sleeve and it involves Swizz Beatz. The feds in their most recent filing concerning Megaupload have listed Swizz as a US representative of the company and is refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

But despite his strong ties to Megaupload, Beatz was not named in the indictment as a member of the “Mega Conspiracy.” However, now that the case is progressing, Beatz is being involved by the U.S. authorities.

In the most recent filing the U.S. opposes Megaupload’s motion to dismiss based on a lack of jurisdiction. The defense team argued that Megaupload can’t be subjected to a criminal prosecution, because the law doesn’t allow foreign companies to be served. However, the U.S. disagrees.