Artwork: @FlyWidItCustoms

The Red Bull Skooled Tour of this past February provided different corners of Texas to combine together to form some multi-headed beast of rap tactics and personality. I know because I was there. So when you see Kydd, an Austin hard head who provides multi-syllabic punchlines and nifty wordplay dance around the topic of masons and The Illuminati with Dallas’ own nefarious rap duo A.Dd+, you immediately rush to making adjectives and exclamations about how crazy the potential collaboration could be.

True to that sentiment, “Masons” indulges in all of your wildest post-modern Texas rap fantasies with a grinding, constricted track given by Kydd matched up with three pounding, soul seering verses from the major particulars of he, Slim Gravy & Paris Pershun. Kydd’s upcoming self-produced LP The Righteous drops on July 31st.