The power of Kickback Sunday’s second season has drawn parallels to “Hoop Dreams” and watching artists travel from all over the state to converge upon any location Kickback is at (at current time it’s at Numbers). One of the early profilers was C.I.T.Y., a New Orleans resident now turned Houstonian who opened up for Curren$y’s Jet Life Tour stop earlier this year.

“The Temptations” a heavy drum and kick track that is both methodical and eye opening serves as his first introduction to an area that he hasn’t necessarily mastered yet. Live and in a large gathering, tracks like “The Temptations” pull in ears and listeners due to delivery and message. How it conveys when C.I.T.Y. isn’t standing directly in your face is a testament of whether or not we’ll be hearing more from him. On initial glance, C.I.T.Y.’s talented, not simply an acquired taste and arguably one of the bright spots Kickback has offered during it’s newfound renaissance. Stream the track below and cop it on iTunes.