There are more than a million possible outcomes in life, especially when life tosses you curveballs at almost every waking step. Young Sea has seen more false starts than an Olympic sprint, from health battles to bad PR at his own expense. He’s not Houston’s version of Charlie Brown just yet simply because when he sees Lucy holding the football, he’s going to pull her first – and then kick the damn thing.

Cradling his Picture My Vision series into a skinny, but effective EP may work wonders for an attention-starved listening field and with the slinky, rising synth-style alarm that is “On Sight” being its initial salvo, it allows Sea some breathing room as an artist. Yes, he can typically brag about his shoe collection (that he’s currently cutting down ironically) or his dependency on being the best but to release some cautious style vulnerability over a Maliah-type woman seems more earnest. Lovell backs Sea up with classic eyewitness crooning, almost like a steady hand behind a man wandering into depths unknown for him.