Former #1 pick and Cleveland Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving has been wowing the competition out in Vegas for the USA Basketball practices but he may have let his confidence get to him. After practice, he challenged Kobe Bryant to a game of 1-on-1 for 50Gs, the proceeds going to charity of course. Kobe didn’t back down from the young buck but did drop a few lines of ether towards Irving, remarking that “Uncle Drew” still suits up for the Cavs.

Irving might have the quickness on Kobe but having played 1,300+ games has taught Kobe a valuable lesson, education and outsmarting your opponent in pure isolation-style ball wins most times out. Still, would be quite the game if it ever happened.

SIDENOTE: Kobe already sparked the week’s longest Twitter debate on whether or not the 2012 team could beat the 1992 Dream Team to which Michael Jordan scoffed and Charles Barkley stated only three players from the current roster could make their squad. Kobe, in true Black Mamba fashion retorted, “So what, he knows I’m a bad motherf*cker. I’m not really tripping. The fact is, they have Ewing and Robinson and those big guys, it’s tough. If you’re asking me, ‘Can you beat them one game?’ Hell yeah, we can beat them in one game. You didn’t ask me if we could beat them in a 7-game series. In one game, we can beat them. No question about it.”

At least Kobe didn’t b*tch up in that regard.