Admit it, the moment you heard Meek Mill’s “Amen”, it was going to ruffle the feathers of a few people, especially those who reside in the clergy. Pastor Jomo K. Johnson of Philly reacted first and created an ensuing war of words with the rapper on the airwaves of Hot 107.9 yesterday. Jomo believes Meek is parading the religion around, thanking God while practicing things which are unholy throughout the song and has called for a ban of both the song and the rapper. No matter what Meek does for the community, the song still in the eyes in Johnson is degrading. Meek fired back with his work in the community, believing in reality more than the man upstairs and constantly asking Johnson, “Where was you at?”

Johnson would be better served in his argument if he wasn’t promoting his book, No Amen: Why Boycotting Meek Mill Will Help Save Hip-Hop because now it will be seen as merely a publicity stunt to drive sales of the book home and increase his profile as not only a preacher but a rapper as well (we did mention Jomo makes rap tracks right? Well we did now).

However, much like an argument between a married couple that festers on for days – neither budged from their respective stance and hold onto their beliefs, which in effect solved nothing. Unless you want to hear fourteen minutes of arguing between shout-rap Meek and Jomo.