I feel jilted. Roosh Williams, the enigmatic guy who comes through like a walking tornado for feature tracks during live shocks hasn’t put out anything brand new in months. Some of those are his words, not mine, by the way. Williams has been doing the daily tactics we all deal with by having a part-time job working for the world’s most profitable corporation while keeping a rap career on the table as well. One is going to make Roosh a prominent member of society, the other is going to leave him stuck somewhere. I won’t even give you the chance to guess which one would fit Roosh better.

Using “New God Flow” as his muse, Roosh decides to wave hello to the rest of Houston and beyond with a two minute trailblazing romp where Spike Lee & Reggie Miller punchlines make you feel like you’re at the Garden circa ’94-95. Williams doesn’t buckle, he doesn’t slow down, he just keeps going like a juggernaut until his buzz reaches the perfect height. We’re now about to deal with Roosh Willy Wednesdays, and Roosh Trilliams might damn near own every Hump Day until he decides to stop.

DOWNLOAD: Roosh Williams – Roo God Flow