Mac Miller originally crashed the net with a series a buzzmaking music videos culminating in “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” which has accumulated 20 million views since its debut in 2010. That single, which appears on Miller’s K.I.D.S. mixtape seemingly carries no financial cache behind it since it was never purposefully attached to a retail release. Well, D.I.T.C. leader Lord Finesse doesn’t feel that way.

Two years after “Kool Aid” first blew up and Miller had one meteoric rise to becoming somewhat of a household name in the country and abroad, Finesse is suing Miller over “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” to the tune of $10 million. The backbone of the track happens to be Finesse’ 1995 track “Hip 2 Da Game” and he alleges that Miller didn’t clear the sample to use the track. He filed the lawsuit after Miller, online mixtape download hut DatPiff and his management ignored cease and desist letters from Finesse.

Miller took to Twitter last night to discuss the matter at hand, arguing that Finesse didn’t clear the original sample from Oscar Peterson’s “Dream Of You” and that Mac reached out to Finesse to speak on the record, ala Pete Rock/Lupe Fiasco but both sides raise interesting points:

Miller still may make money off of the song due to performing it live at shows and the YouTube monetization considering that the video is at 20 million sights and counting but rappers suing rappers over these issues are quite rare – even more rare when we’re talking about a mixtape. If Finesse did indeed clear the sample to make a beat off of it then he has a stand to work on in court.

The buzz building artists do off of sample based works, freestyles and more has been a time standing testament that has now become the standard norm. Many will want newer artist to make something of themselves by learning their craft without tossing things at the wall looking for something to stick. Fact of the matter is, this is in the courts now and if precedent is set here then more than likely the idea of mixtapes being built off of old samples may wind up becoming a thing of the past.