Did you wake up this morning trying to let your kid watch the morning programming on Nick Jr. only to find it missing from your DirecTV package? Or did you want to catch a rerun of The Daily Show only to be left in the cold? That’s the reaction most DirecTV subscribers are dealing with today as the contractual impasse between the cable provider and Viacom left at least 20 million DirecTV customers without 17 channels such as BET, MTV, Comedy Central, VH1 and more.

The dispute from both sides alleges that Viacom wants to charge DirecTV an extra $1 billion to cover the channels, which for subscribers means a hike in their prices. Viacom denies some of this and has used some of their most popular characters from Spongebob and others to have its audience call DirecTV for them to stop the interruption and work with Viacom on a new deal. Plus, they allege that DirecTV has been playing the low ball card for years. The same situation occurred with Dish Network and AMC, which left Breaking Bad & Mad Men fans on Dish with absolutely nothing. Who will blink first?

And what will you do if you can’t watch Love & Hip-Hop? Oh, that’s right – watch it online.