Having long tossed our Rockets “Free Agency 2012” plans in the trash, our attention focused upon the rest of the NBA and whether it be players getting a little dome piece or the Rockets essentially negotiating Jeremy Lin’s contract for the New York Knicks, it’s been wild and topsy turvy. Only made even more crazy with Ray Allen making his move from Boston and a potential 2-year, $12 million deal down to South Beach and the world champion Miami Heat.

Let it be known now that any time Miami and Boston get together with Allen still on the squad, there will be bad blood abound. The news broke last night via Twitter by Heat owner Mickey Arison and of course, Twitter immediately broke into talks of “loyalty” and “Jesus turned Judas”. Mind you, the NBA is a business. Boston attempted to trade Allen to Memphis last season before it got nixed and Danny Ainge had been threatening to break up the Big 3 for an influx of youth. Couple that with a beef with Rajon Rondo that bordered upon “irreconcilable differences” and Allen couldn’t say no.

Or, when you realize the NBA’s main don in Pat Riley gave Sugar Ray a presentation that was “incredible” and “sold [Allen] in every way” then you know, Coach Cal up at UK might be slick with the recruitment game but nobody does it better than Pat Riley. He coaxed the Lakers into back-to-back rings in the 80s, the Knicks on the brink of a World title in ’94, the Heat’s first chip in ’06 and of course the major coup of LeBron & Bosh in ’10. Besides, Allen was the last Celtic on the floor after the Game 7 loss to the Heat in the ECF, doing everything short of passing out job resumes and game tape of his greatest hits.

I’m pretty certain that scene in Miami went something like this…