The past has caused for great imaginations to be had and considering the chemistry that was forged between Curbside Jones and producer Corey Anell in 2011, revisiting the past seemed like a likely destination for their new EP, Failed Utopia. About as eclectic creatively as you can imagine from two Austin-ites, one of whom refers to himself as the arch-villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Utopia clocks in at 9 tracks and a little over 29 minutes, making every story, every moment whether it be channelling success or failure, disappointment or happiness something you have to assimilate and take with you. They’re made the journey so easy that you can necessarily get it from one place. We always wanted a look back into the past with some sort of “Choose Your Own Adventure” thought process attached to it. Jones & Arnell do it in a funkadelic sort of way.

DOWNLOAD: Almost Always – Failed Utopia | Hulkshare | Mediafire