Show & Rob Gullatte are arguably the best duo to never officially confirm themselves as a duo in modern Houston rap. It’s almost like they’re a packaged deal. If you want to have Rob at his absolute best zoned in, tactical and sometimes demonstrative on wax, Show won’t be too far behind. Vice versa. Ever since Show was freed from a lengthy jail term, Gullatte has been hell bent on prompting “Trill Hip-Hop”, his release of Abortion: The Project and now the frequent dropping of tracks that wind up littered upon Twitter and both of their particular palate of thought processes, whether good or bad.

Show released a solo cut “Hello Houston”, a sort of Superman-Saves-She-City blues record that affirms what everyone already knew about him as an underdog only its stretched out for four minutes. It’s good, tough that speaks on his jail stint and how often Houston winds up forgotten in the aspects of national prominence but the scratches and golden era feel of “Almeda” offer a much better representation. It feels like grimey spoken word where Show refuses to let his voice elevate higher than a certain level and Rob Gullatte gets melodic, still never compelled to do “f*ck sh*t” with self indulgent punchlines about meeting an Aries with a certain look who listened to his music while smashing and ditching her somewhere near Southwest Houston.

Any word on these two making a full length duo tape? Would be more than worth the daily consumption of somewhat inferior works.