After listening to Channel Orange, Frank Ocean’s debut disc, a writer noticed that some of the romantic songs on the album didn’t use the traditional pronouns of “she” and her” but rather “him” and “he”. The news broke sometime Monday afternoon and began spreading like wildfire, so much so that during the wee hours of today, Frank took to hims Tumblr page and released a letter that was intended to be included in the liner notes of his upcoming album. He said he “figured it’d be good to clarify” and opened up about a relationship he had with a man (“4 summers ago, I met somebody. I was 19 years old. He was too.”) and his struggles with acceptance.

The news no longer holds the same sort of gravity as it once did but Ocean did in fact pull a fast one on everyone who felt a certain way about gays and loved his music. It changes nothing about what he’s created these past two years as his love songs (whether they be written about women or not) still hold the attention far more than some others. His sexuality won’t change a thing about how we receive Channel Orange musically as it took balls to release this sort of information two weeks before his album hits shelves.

In a week where Anderson Cooper revealed he was “gay, happy and proud”, the adjustment to seeing prominent stars in a different light will of course take a bit of time. With singers, it shouldn’t be that sharp of an adjustment. Ocean’s clearly in a class by his lonesome when it comes to crafting music, especially in his genre and hasn’t stopped making the sort of R&B that actually lives up to the name. There’s no shortcuts, just great penmanship and for that, hats off to him.

Of course, Tyler, the Creator had something to say and while it was supportive – it was also quite hilarious.

Read the full letter down below and see the preface here: