The City Of Champions has given us plenty to celebrate on the fourth of July. Most of them have been in their given colors of purple & gold but in the case of El Prez, everything around him has been parlayed into his music. While crafting his latest long player Leadersh!t, Prez went all over the country supporting his brand, the Honor Role crew he’s affiliated with and then some, even taking the time to chill out at a New Era shop in LA. Prez has kept his profile high while leaving empty bottles and crumbs of weed in his wake.

Which makes his Leadersh!t LP all the more appealing. A dual release with DJ Booth and on iTunes, Prez’ tape starts off nestled in the bounce and grooves of Southern California parties and spreads out elsewhere, covering multiple subjects and adding plenty in for the ride such as Rochelle Jordan, Aleon Craft, King Mez, Rocky Rivera and more. It’s the sights and sounds of California and abound from an Inglewood native who’s probably snacking on In-N-Out while glancing at a chick in a bikini whose cups runneth over. Grab Leadersh!t from the Booth below and be so inclined to grab the special edition tape off of iTunes with bonus cuts produced by Jett I. Masstyr and features from Jack Freeman and more.

DOWNLOAD: El Prez – Leadersh!t | iTunes