Last year, Urban Woodstock decided to break plenty of rules in the traditional format of a hippie festival. Held at Last Concert Cafe, the festival essentially gave a reason for potheads and those who like rolling their cigars pretty tightly with the finest of greenery to listen to some of Houston’s freshest rappers on the rise.

This year? Oh, all the rules remain the same. The emphasis on the lineup however revolves around the city’s biggest rapping tokers with none possibly more famous than Devin The Dude. Doughbeezy, Marcus Manchild, Short Dawg, Rai P, MC Beezy, Nino Gotti, WhyJae, Yung Quis & O.N.E. all are slated for the show which goes down July 8th (this upcoming Sunday) at Last Concert Cafe (1403 Nance). Bring your blankets, enjoy the cheap Mexican food, even cheaper drinks, good music and brownies or two. Having your lungs on Barry Bonds swole might help you out here.