We interrupt your waiting for the morning links with a news story that is way too awesome to pass up. Kenny Powers, man who knows exactly how to close a series in three seasons or less has been brought back to life for a fourth one. According to The Wrap:

The pick-up comes as something as a surprise, as it was widely believed that last year’s third season would be its last, with co-creator Jody Hill admitting, “we always pictured the show as lasting three seasons. It’s a kind of trilogy … We think it’s going to be the last one, but never say never.”

I guess fans couldn’t get enough of KP or his antics as one of America’s greatest heroes is set to return in a short, eight-episode fourth season. After everything was wrapped nicely with a bow on top of it last season, how exactly are they going to give us the HE HAS RISEN aspect of K F*cking P?