I would argue this point until I’m blue in the face but something is up with the MMG camp. Yes, Self Made Vol. 2 came out six days ago, it’s visual for “Actin’ Up” released a little while ago and yet Rick Ross’ new single “Hold Me Back” sounds way similar in cadence to it. Certainly, it’s far more grimey than “So Sophisticated” but when you’re weaving the tale of being a ruthless don with the panache Ross does, anything can sound like it’s a Scorcese piece.

The hyperbole behind Ross’ work is beginning to trump the actual product for nothing has actually translated into God Forgives, I Don’t being a staple project of 2012. Four albums in, Ross has in effect made similar works out of all of them with the exception possibly being Deeper Than Rap. Something is off inside of the camp, here’s hoping Ross fixes it by July 31st.