Can Delo seemingly hold an entire city in his palm? At least for 24 hours at that? Much anticipation was tossed into his Mucho Caliente/Hood Politics show at Warehouse Live and despite going up against the BET Awards, Delo brought the city out in full. It’s a testament to how much work he’s put in through the course of three mixalbums, a recent freestyle tape and countless shows where he made it his God given right to show up the headliner.

We’ve noticed the Delo Goes Straight For The Jugular Move ever since the night he opened up for Nipsey Hussle at House Of Blues last year. Effective, punishing penace built up in his opening track of “Ahhhhh” from HP2 and crescendos into something uplifting and somber. On this night, we were given the opportunity to see why WhyJae & Nino Gotti were worthy ascendants to the Headwreckas throne, why Big Sant should unquestionably never be penciled in a just as hypeman or feature artist, how the bob and weave from H.I.S.D. sticks right to the gut of any appreciative music lover and how much of an impact Delo has.

When he, flanked by Jack Freeman and the aforementioned Sant launched into “Bust A Move”, a standout from HP3, the essential thought of feeling like the big shot in a blaxpoitation movie swept over us. It’s superhero music, well much of Delo’s catalog is and after letting Propain, Slim Thug, LeS and others rock with him – it was only fitting his Hood Politics t-shirt be drenched from all of the hard work he put in.

Can’t make those Jay comparisons no more. He’s quickly evolved into being Delo and for the rest of Houston’s rap scene, much less those looking for another artist to follow out of Houston like the North Star – that’s a scary thought. See the performance video up top and check out the photos below, including guest of the night Big K.R.I.T.