From L-R: Jeremy Lamb, Royce White & Terrence Jones

Forgive me, I sort of have to go over the draft from last night and realize a few things.

One, Doc Rivers son is in New Orleans (so is Anthony Davis), hence increasing his chances to be wooed by an accent, a stripper or a combination of the two in the next few years. Two, Doc Rivers’ daughter will be somewhere around New Orleans to watch her brother from time to time and I immediately pray that she doesn’t get treated like Lauren London AFTER the Lil Wayne relationship came out and the biggest one of all:

The Houston Rockets did not screw up their NBA Draft.

Look, I know what the Rockets were doing last night. They tried to swing at every imaginable fence in a way to pull Dwight Howard out of the clutches of Orlando and his own wounded pysche. Tried to snag Sacramento’s #5 pick to grab Andre Drummond in some sort of Jabba the Hut sacrifice deal. No dice. Tried to give up all of their picks, no dice. Instead, what they did was pick up a scorer, a kick-ass point forward who has a few phobias and the guy who would have been the #3 pick in the 2011 draft had he come out last year.

I know Rockets fans, you want stars. Here’s the problem, you also have ownership who is too proud to even consider tanking a season (or two) to get one considering that the next big thing in basketball is about to become a high school senior (Jabari Parker). The “Proud Mary” express that is Darryl Morey & Les Alexander know a few things about basketball and while Morey has attempted everything outside of assassinating the seemingly teflon David J. Stern – he’s best served sticking with what he’s got.

As for Dwight? He’s a stat stuffer supreme, pretty much the same thing we said about LeBron James before our boy came through, figured everything out and now literally looks like the scariest cover in God knows how long. Aside from giving you name recognition, here’s what he also gives you – a head case, someone who works hard for self and could have used that drive and kick method Miami cooked OKC with in Game 5 of the Finals for the snipers Orlando loaded up on with Ryan Anderson, Jason Richardson, J.J. Redick, Hedo Turkoglu, etc for the good duration of his career. You can’t name a single time where Howard effectively took over a game and scored at will over an opponent and has pretty much used his size to become the NBA’s best center.

See, I didn’t even mention the whole Stan Van thing. +1 for me.

You want me to talk you into a future where Jeremy Lamb is your starting shooting guard because Kevin Martin mentally crapped the bed after he found out he was good as gone until the league screwed the Rockets decided basketball reasons was the better play. Fine, cause Kevin Martin – as much as he gets to the line plays absolutely no defense whatsoever. Lamb on the other man manned up after Kemba Walker led UCONN to the NCAA title and left to go to Puragtory In Charlotte. I’m more than certain Royce White gives you a body who can pretty much do everything and the only thing holding his potential back are his phobias and anxiety issues. I’m fairly certain you don’t want a starting lineup that looks like this (unless you’re running an NBA 2K franchise):

    The All-Scoring, No Defense Starting 5

PG – Steve Nash
SG – Kevin Martin
SF – Carmelo Anthony
PF – Ama’re Stoudemire (forget HOW many apostrophes go here)
C – Hasheem Thabeet (I kid).

Sorry, sulking Kevin Martin who put up one of the more whispery seasons of averaging 25 a game in the league wasn’t going to cut it in 2010 when the Rockets got rid of Tracy McGrady for him. Did we need a center? Yes. Did any guy in the draft aside from possibly Drummond (if he doesn’t play like Shaq at the FT line, Andrew Bynum effort wise, and whatever combination that makes you keep wondering why a guy that’s 7 foot, 290 looks like Tarzan and plays like Jane) look anymore than a backup in the NBA? Nope. Besides, Dallas traded away a potential big man (Tyler Zeller) to Cleveland for their coup of picks and came out strong in the end.

Back to the current roster. Kyle Lowry, our once promising PG got hurt last season and then got upset when Goran Dragic, you know the guy who put up some damn good stats when he started (18.0 PPG/8.4 AST) with crazy shooting splits (47/39/84) balled his ass off and took his spot. Almost in the same vein as Lowry’s predecessor Aaron Brooks who could still be in China at the time of this writing. Expect both Lowry & Martin to be gone sometime during the free agency period and the Rockets building off a roster like the Denver Nuggets who also have no real star but enough playmakers to get them within a game of the second round.

The Rockets want a star, badly. Instead they got three value picks that could wind up becoming pretty damn good.

Then again … they are loaded at the forward position and haven’t found a long term center.

In Morey We Trust, right?

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