Today is an unofficial Texas holiday. No you aren’t excused from work (unless you decided to call in today) and no, all of your services such as the bank, the post office & your local weed man still are open for business. DJ Screw’s “June 27th” has earned its mysticism as arguably the most legendary freestyle in the history of Texas rap and most credit it for being Screw’s birthday.

Here’s the thing, it’s not.

You see, June 27th actually belongs to DeMo, an SUC member who just so happened to be in the studio the day the legendary freestyle was recorded and also the rapper after Kerry who follows up Big Moe’s more than memorable lead verse. Since then it’s taken on such heights as being Screw’s birthday, Screw’s death, etc. but in all honestly, any Screw fan with little bit of knowledge (and sense) would remark that July 20 is DJ Screw’s birthday & November 16 is the day of his death.

There have been tributes, most notably from a crop of Houston’s newer wave of talent in Delo, Propain, H-Kane, Kirko Bangz, Settle 4 LeS & Marcus Manchild but it’s all in attempts to pay homage to the day eight rappers from the Screwed Up Click decided to run over Kriss Kross’ “Da Streets Ain’t Right”.