Hip-Hop, you sly fox you’ve outdone yourself. If VH1 wants to give the women of the world such trashy things as Love & Hip-Hop, it’s country cousin in Atlanta and anything involving Basketball Wives, then the bright mind who thought it was worth it to give the country’s most legendary strip club a reality show deserves a 2 Chainz feature.

Alright, let’s break it down. The show is entitled “Make It Rain” and it will follow the daily ins and outs of Miami’s most popular strip club. If you haven’t read the expose done about the club then take solace in this – these strippers make almost CEO money in a year. We’re talking anywhere from 8 grand on a given night. Multiply that by a base thought of probably taking in $12,000 a week and you’re leave with your favorite MIA table dancer pulling in almost half a million. And again, these harems of the booty club aren’t just average, they’re probably on speed dial for your favorite pro athlete who likes blowing a couple stacks in the club.

Whoever picks this up (may it preferably be on HBO or something) has earned a pound from every man in America who may have never visited KOD. Or if you’ve like our official strip club guru, you can pretty much look for your favorite dancers to see if they get some shine.

[via Hip-Hop Wired]

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