Despite being a film that didn’t necessarily need a sequel, Hollywood said screw it and brought Liam Neeson back for a sequel to his most meme worthy film in Taken. The international trailer for Taken 2 has been released and in it, Neeson’s Bryan Mills is vacationing with his family in Istanbul. Obviously the family members of the bad guys in the first film (and any bad guy Mills probably killed over the years) get in their feelings and decide to go after Mills, his wife played by Famke Jansson and daughter played by Maggie Grace.

I’m quite certain these guys haven’t watched any of Neeson’s latest movies from Unknown to The Grey, hell a reviewing of the fist Taken flick would have told them that the guy they’re going after is an international badass who drops quotables to his daughter when danger is clear and present. “What are you going to do?” Grace asks after he tells her that her mother has been taken. Neeson counters rather bluntly, “What I do best”. Scene, followed by a load of action sequences, Grace scaling a building in shorts & a bikini top and a guy who looks like The Most Interesting Man In The World wanting death on Neeson knowing full well he’s going to meet a grisly end.

Watch the trailer below via Vulture.

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