The faces of Mississippi hip-hop is growing through the dirty roads, the arrival of some to the national landscape and the elder statesman who continues to carry the state on his back. In less than a full month, the ‘Sip has seen releases from three of its more prominent musical sons in David Banner, Big K.R.I.T. & now Tito Lopez who’s chewed up booths with Dr. Dre and released freestyles and tracks brimming with promise and then some.

The Hunger Game lifts its title directly from the blockbuster book/film franchise and leads off rather smartly with Donald Sutherland speaking on underdogs and whether or not a general populous should cheer for the downtrodden to finally come out on top. Lopez is witty, matching triumphant horns with punchlines and emotion-filled dichotomy with “Mercy Me” where he spits without any hesitation, “I gotta win/Every day I sin cause I gotta win”. The project dances around concepts here and there, no much more than “Mass Appeal 2.0” where Futuristiks flips DJ Premier’s timeless Gangstarr record into a clingy drum heavy cut and Lopez compares himself to nihilism and wanting a chick like Janeane Garofalo. Irony? Somewhat but waltzing the two subjects together shows a bit of cleverness wrapped in East-Southern aesthetic.

Tito’s full length tape comes equipped with no features and all original production, a daunting idea considering his buzz is just now starting to gain more traction out of the South and sustaining itself across the country. He may not be completely like Katniss Everdeen with a bow & arrow with the lyrics but he most certainly is starting to strike through at every given occasion.

Stream The Hunger Game below and download it here via DatPiff.

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