Only things of supreme f*ckery can take precedent over the morning links. A story like this, which is gaining legs due to various reports, the picture above is the evidence that Chris Brown got into it with someone at the club last night over his most famous ex. In other words, the result of what happens when you decide to fight over some cutty.

According to the story, Chris and Drake got into a heated exchange in the club which resulted in bottles flying and Chris getting that nice little shot on his chin. In a series of deleted tweets, Brown says he was hit by a “pussy n*gga” who bolted into the club’s bathroom for protection. If you’re wondering why these two are tossing bottles at one another, just know that both of them have been involved with Rihanna … who’s also been involved with Meek Mill but that’s a different story.

UPDATE: TSS has found the footage of the fight. Looks like both were swinging pretty damn hard.