In the summer of 1992, I was four years old. By that time, being a Michael Jordan Zombie was the norm and anybody who wasn’t was pretty much ostracized out of the cool crowd… much like anything Michael Jordan wears today. I’m sure after watching the glorious Dream Team documentary that aired on NBATV earlier, Russell Westbrook is rubbing his hands together furiously in an attempt to bring back the Michael Jordan short-set.

But wardrobes aren’t the main point in this documentary, it’s the ultimate nostalgia trip for the majority of NBA fans who grew up in the era and couldn’t fathom how awesome it was seeing Magic & Bird calling plays for one another, Jordan at 29 dusting off everybody and Charles Barkley showing off glimpses of the brilliance that wound up being his 1992-93 MVP season. Many things that went unseen before such as the early practices, the intersquad scrimmages, the Isiah Thomas issue where “Zeke” couldn’t even get on the squad for most of the other players not liking him. I’m shocked Magic Johnson even kept it cool when around Karl Malone since the Mailman made some disparaging remarks about the HIV virus at the time.

All in all, it’s probably one of the best sports documentaries from a fan standpoint and easily, easily gives plenty of credit to Chuck Daly for being the MVP even if Barkley had the highest scoring average.

[via Jose3030]