Raise your hand if you knew Timothy Bradley before last night. Undefeated fighter, wanted to challenge Manny Pacquiao, you know that guy. Okay, so you didn’t. But you know him now after he pulled off a shocking upset of the five-time champion in a split decision to win Pac-Man’s WBO welterweight title.

The funny thing about it? Everybody in the ring post fight was just as shocked as Bradley was. Most had scored the bout 10-2 Pacquaio but the three judges at ringside scored it 115-113, two going for Bradley and one for Pacquaio. Even crazier? The two judges who sided with Bradley gave him five of the last six rounds.

Even more audacious according to the LA Times, Bradley’s manager himself gave it an 8-4 to Pacquiao. The stats even tell a more polarizing story.

Not only does Bradley’s victory by SD make boxing look more and more corrupt than say the WWE, it also derails the potential mega fight between Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. It even prompted Brando to make an hilarious assessment of the judging on Twitter.