Her efforts are mostly birthed from the same dance hybrid that M.I.A. produced before blowing up with “Paper Planes” yet Azealia Banks is gaining press for everything – except music. Her 1991 EP came and aside from her standout “212” track didn’t even register a dent per se. Now the Harlemite is pulling a Minaj move and is deleting her Twitter account and no longer wanting to be associated with the rap game.

Here’s the thing – don’t you necessarily need to contribute a talking point musically to be officialy associated with the rap game? A festival performance and work overseas a rap star do not make, or even a buzzing indie musician. Most new artists find themselves in a weird decorum of entitlement, not fully knowing the room outside of that could care less. Female artists are tough to judge anyway but Banks making more news for everything but music makes her seem more Teyana Taylor than aspiring global artist.