If you were like me in 2010 then you listened to Waka Flocka Flame’s Flockaveli album at first with the face of a hip-hop head and then secondly as a fan of pure adult mayhem. You see, Flocka has unsuspectedly turned into a hipster favorite out of sheer perseverance and not wanting to be classified as just a rapper. He’s a rambunctious party animal who makes the sort of loud, aggrssive, knock-down-drag-out fear rap that originally gave us Lil Jon (more of a character) and its linear descendant Chief Keef (gun bucking mayhem du juor).

Flocka’s next act aside from the cover of SPIN and other noteworthy mags is Triple F Life. It’s feature heavy with some of hip-hop and R&B’s big names (master of the genre hybrid Drake appears on “Round Of Applause”, Trey Songz, Meek Mill, etc.) and looks to move past the sophomore jinx. Lex Luger, mastero behind almost the entirety of Waka’s debut disc only appears on five of Triple F Life‘s tracks. How that works when it comes to a sound is up to the listener.

Stream the LP down below courtesy of Dat Piff & Waka himself and then grab the album when it hits retail shelves next Tuesday.