In another edition of “Rappers Telling On Themselves”, Jay Electronica – rap’s living hermit crab and owner of the most sought after mixtape/project/whatever of some three years ago has apparently been telling us the truth. See, we glanced over “MW3” when it dropped frankly because it wasn’t Act II. Elect did make a statement there though:

“Brunch with the Rothschilds, dinner with the Carters/Jay Elect stop the press, criticalest artist…”

According to Daily Mail over in the UK, Electronica was having more than just brunch with the Rothschilds, he’s in fact the reason why they’re splitting up.

It seemed like the perfect union – a marriage that brought together two of the country’s wealthiest families.

He was the multi-millionaire son of the late financier and tycoon Jimmy Goldsmith, she a scion of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

But now Ben Goldsmith and his music producer wife Kate, who have three children, are to divorce after she embarked on a passionate love affair with an American rap singer named Jay Electronica.

Last night Mr Goldsmith confirmed the split, saying: ‘I’m pretty shell-shocked by everything. All I am thinking about now is my children.’

The marriage ended with a dramatic showdown at the family home in Notting Hill, West London, on Wednesday morning.

Mr Goldsmith, 31, confronted his 30-year-old wife over explicit text messages and emails he found on her smartphone that she had received from and sent to the New Orleans-born hip-hop artist, who now lives in London and is one of her clients.

‘She is obsessed with this chap called Jay Electronica who is one of her clients. She is always on the phone to him and out with him until four or five in the morning most nights. Sometimes she even stays with him.’

It’s quite possible that Erykah Badu taught Jay some of that South Dallas Voodoo that has knocked off a few rappers and changed them completely. For Jay Elect, this possibly is better than releasing an album because he’s made international headlines all with the stroke of Moleskine. What would be crazier if he placed some dark skinned seeds inside of the Rothschild heiress and completely changes the future of that empire.