The new move with DC Comics doesn’t necessarily match the output that Marvel is producing. Most of it is seemingly out of shock and awe purposes and since DC wants to reinvent all of their characters for a new audience, Marvel is currently sweeping them under the rug. Now, Batman still has stellar writing behind it and has for the better part of a decade but the problem with DC as a whole? They seemingly can’t keep everything together to have it translate.

Alan Scott, the first Green Lantern in another attempt of DC’s “revival” period (and arguably the most unknown GL of them all when compared to Hal Jordan and John Stewart) has been twisted into a homosexual playboy. The issue here is that it doesn’t necessarily make head waves all over the place because it’s the least known GL of them all (even his backstory is so 1940s that people even then didn’t give two shits about it). Ironically enough, Scott fathered a son named Todd who became a superhero and then came out in an issue of Manhunter in 2006. The move could be considered a ploy to counteract Marvel’s big gay wedding issue but that’s besides the point.

Want to make a little noise? Make Superman dump Lois Lane for Jimmy Olsen and then we’re talking controversy. The news of superheroes coming out of the closet in a field where mostly everybody is macho-macho. Taking “vintage” GL and flipping him into an internet billionaire in a parallel universe deemed Earth-2 and letting him carry on with a boyfriend like the inverse of Christian Grey and Ana Steele in 50 Shades Of Grey is progress … right?

Well unless you’re a DC fan that is.

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