There are certain reasons why we love Twitter and absolutely hate it. The hate reasons are obvious (false celebrity deaths, fans making people get off of the network due to virtual bullying, et.c) and then there’s moments like this – where a crass and absolutely hilarious remark from a billionaire to a rapper can stir everything up.

T. Boone Pickens is an oil magnet and one of the main reasons why Oklahoma State University looks like a big-time college football program day in and day out. He’s the guy who their stadium is named after as he’s probably donated more money to the program than anybody else – four times over. So when you see Drake, known for the callous sort of revelry in his own greatness make a response about money and then someone like Pickens, who makes rap money seem like it’s pocket change comes out of absolutely nowhere and sons Drake in the most smirky, “You’re there, but you’re not here” sort of way – it’s the main reason why Twitter should exist. For oil execs to hit rappers all the time with reality checks.

Random Sidenote: First Warren Buffet is found throwing up the Roc and now T. Boone Pickens is showing rappers how to really stunt on Twitter. We’re anticipating Ross Perot dropping a diss track to Birdman any day now.