October can’t come soon enough for some wrestling fans. The WWE & THQ are tossing out their latest grappler during the Fall and THQ promises everything is going to be reworked, redoned and given something new. With CM Punk’s revolutionary shoot interview being the genesis for all of these radical ideas, the E is hoping WWE 13 brings fans back to the game who enjoyed it purely from a wrestling and theatrics standpoint.

Road To WrestleMania last year for all intents and purposes was a bit of a drag. You had three storylines that sort of branched into one another but most of the action took place outside of the arena, backstage in contrived handicap matches and the sort. This year? RTWM is completely out of the window and in it’s place comes WWE Attutide Era Mode.

The six year period (1996-2001) in which WWE swung the tides of war with WCW gets its just due in WWE 13 with specific characters and moments from the era tied together with storytelling and editing from the WWE staff. Some of the eras more celebrated characters such as “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, Mankind & the Undertaker will all be available in the game as the roster for WWE ’13 is billed to be the biggest in game history.

For a more detailed look, check out IGN‘s exclusive breakdown of the game and check out the debut trailer below.