Tawn P, Houston firebrand and entry #6 on About.com’s Houston Rappers To Watch In 2012 list has had dreams of pulling off a group for quite sometime. It’s welcomed, it’s rather neat and only needed the right accomplice to work.

Enter Preemo, a catalyst for straight forward emceeing in Houston and arguably it’s most noted underdog year in and year out. The two first made their debut as Flyfest 2012 over the weekend, a moment where Preemo played hype man to Tawn’s raucous set for the very first time. Ever. According to the duo, their project All Day sits at about 30% completion. Peeping either of their Twitter feeds and you’ll more than likely see the hashtag #AllDay, the name of their new twosome effort.

Joy, now all we need is to figure out how to make group’s more of a “thing” in music and we’re all set.

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  1. Japanesetendency

    From the picture alone you can see the energy these two possess as a team! I look forward to seeing more of them this summer going into the new year! Tawn P is an amazing artist and it’s nice to see Preemo come in along side that fire personality and cool us down a bit with his laid-backness… what’s better than a fire and ice combination…I’m not sure but I will stay tuned to find out #AllDay


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