5.24 The Intro

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'American Idol' Finale: Phillip Phillips Crowned Winner [MTV] Six Most Overused Rhymes [A To Z] The Black Beauty Standard [Clutch Magazine] Shepard Fairey: Trayvon Martin [The High Definite] Joshua Tree Of Money: 5 Ways Bono Can Spend His Facebook Windfall [Rocks Off] Man Turns Super Soaker Water Gun Into Real Shotgun [The Spizzy] Big Boi Talks Outkast's Wildest Road Story [Maurice Garland] Bobby Womack No Longer Has Cancer [Pitchfork] 5 Reasons Why Bad Rap Music Is Necessary [R&WIFDP] WWE's Bipolar World Order [Grantland] How To Be Clever & Not Annoying When Asking For A Favor [Life Hacker]



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