With just under two months to go until The Avengers is usurped by the REAL comic book icon Christopher Nolan’s Batman opus, The Dark Knight Rises, lands in theaters, yet another reason to get hype about the film leading into the final few weeks has surfaced. Three new movie posters, featuring each of the main characters in TDKR, emerged on the internets last night.

Every poster featuring Batman thus far has depicted him or an image of him as broken, and this recent poster is no exception, as broken pieces of the suit seem to be flying around in the rain surrounding Bats. Tom Hardy, as Bane, certainly looks imposing in his own poster as well.

But perhaps the most telling poster of them of all is Catwoman’s. I’m certainly in the camp that isn’t entirely convinced that Anne Hathway can pull off Selina Kyle, and while the recent trailer for TDKR gave me a little more hope, Hathaway’s appearance on THIS poster isn’t too shabby at all, and is perhaps the most legit image of her Catwoman to date.

The Bane and Catwoman posters can be seen after the jump. The Dark Knight Rises (or falls?) on July 20th.

[via Yahoo]