For the second installment of his #HigHeadWednesdays series, Dante Higgins chooses as his next victim freestyle instrumental the underappreciated track “Primetime,” off of Kanye and Jay-Z’s Watch The Throne album.

On Watch The Throne, “Primetime” served as a laid-back track leading into the album’s final couple of songs. Higgins’ version is a completely different monster. Where the soulful sample of Orange Kush’s song “Action” is a lush backdrop for ‘Ye and Jay reflect on how far they’ve come in “the prime of their lives,” the sample serves as an instrumental to Dante’s half-preaching, half-rapping of an honest gospel.

Peppering his freestyle with references to Houston (by way of Timmy Chan’s), Trayvon Martin, and his own music (via a clever reference to a song off The Dante Higgins Story in the song’s opening moments), “Primetime” is almost like a second cousin or even a continuation of “The Messenger,” as Dante packs a lot of messages in a small amount of time. The freestyle’s most poignant line? “How can I protect my brother/ when I don’t even respect my brother?” Word.