Not surprisingly, Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards were filled with tributes and nods to many of the lives music has lost this year. Recently departed disco queen Donna Summer was honored, but an obvious highlight of the night was a fitting tribute to the late Whitney Houston.

While it’s a pretty damn interesting coincidence and will no doubt start up “who was better” debate that both award show homages to Whitney thus far in 2012 have involved former American Idol winners (Jennifer Hudson sang “I Will Always Love You” at the Grammys earlier this year), John Legend’s rendition of “The Greatest Love of All” was not only eclipsed by the violins backing him, but especially by Jordin Sparks’ soulful remake of the timeless “I Will Always Love You” (and she was looking pretty damn good while doing so, I might add). And when Bobbi Kristina and Pat Houston come onstage to accept the Millennium Award for Whitney, it gets about as real as it did all those years ago when Prince and Paris Jackson spoke about their father Michael.

Your move, BET Awards.