The 2M1 movement from David Banner, his idea regarding the support of the culture financially hits its tipping point with Sex, Drugs & Video Games, Banner’s free album where the only thing backing it is the support of the fans on the basis of the message.

Banner’s idea behind the project is a rather simple one, to turn an eye towards the same instruments which show the world in a different light. All the instruments that shape the minds of the youth get filtered out with Banner’s Southern demeanor and throat choking voice leading the charge. The Goodie Mob sampling “Who’s That?” is fast paced, complete with scratches, Banner’s now infamous cackle and pinpoint accurate lyrics aimed solely at the irony of giving things up only to tear us down.

The album isn’t all message as the crux of Banner’s argument (and commercialism to a degree) can be found on tracks such as “Amazing” with Chris Brown, both “Yao Ming” & its subsequential remix with 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky & Lil Wayne all joining Banner at one point in another. Banner putting it out for free may rub some the wrong way but it’s been promoted in such a guerrilla mixtape sort of way that even then, the idea behind it seems bigger than the music itself. Banner doesn’t compromise himself, he still reps the nationalization of self more than anything, especially that of the disenfranchised and sneers heavily at those who stand idle in the face of a war but with Sex, Drugs & Video Games, playing might be the best way to survive.

DOWNLOAD: David Banner – Sex, Drugs & Video Games