2 Chainz, afficinado for infectious production and designer love sure does have a soft spot for Kreayshawn. While the world thought the weirdest trap-rap to the bay collaboration resided between Gucci Mane & Kreay’s co-hort in pissing off more than a few people V-Nasty, it’s actually these two who wind up sharing bloody meals for his “Murder” video and some wacky pancakes with a dash of two cups for her new single “Breakfast”.

Of course, we’re still attempting to figure out what does exactly Kreayshawn bring to the table seeing that her “Gucci Gucci” blow up of a year ago fizzled out right when nudes of her caught the internet’s attention. “Breakfast” makes for quirky raps, some forciable struggle from Kreay Kreay and 2 Chainz quote-unquoting Lil Wayne while wanting to fornicate in Southern California. Strong 2 Chainz, plus toliet tissue soft Kreayshawn equates to thoughts of wanting this to be strictly 2 Chainz. Rolling Stone says Something About Kreay will be a “fun” record. The rest of the world seems to think otherwise.

DOWNLOAD: Kreayshawn – Breakfast (Syrup) (f. 2 Chainz)