Sort of.

The Houston group is hard at work putting the finishing touches on their sophomore LP and have gone to Kickstarter for fans to actually support them by making donations to the LP’s creation. A liner note fiend might want to go ahead and plop something down for the crew. Read their message below and then head over to their Kickstarter campaign page for even more info (and goodie information).

Our sophomore project is titled “James Kelley,” named after our engineer, close friend, collaborator, and co-producer James MF’in Kelley. We wanted to honor our friend who is one of the most selfless, giving, and hard working people we know (not to mention an incredibly talented musician and engineer.) This is our strongest, most polished and well rounded project to date, and we know that if things go as planned, this could be an album that changes all of our lives as we know it. In order for us to complete this project though, we need one thing, YOU.

DONATE: The Niceguys – James Kelley Kickstarter Campaign