Despite being incarcerated yesterday to begin an 81-day jail term for a domestic incident, Mystikal isn’t letting the cage hinder all the progress he’s made since being released in 2010. The brass pounding wobble that is “Move Fast” from New Orleans five-piece band Galactic place the animated emcee (who at 40 can tell somebody he’s not the same as he once was) together with Mannie Fresh, which might of course offend Cash Money CEO Birdman who’s said on numerous occasions in different magazine interviews that he wouldn’t want to work with Fresh and that Cash Money isn’t even on “that sound”. Despite that sentiment, Mystikal might maintain the Fresh tracks as a part of his Origins project that’s due out in July. In his words, “What I do with Mannie is what I do with Mannie, what I do with my company is with the company.”

[via The FADER]