Long awaited and aided by a career boost during SXSW, OneHunnidt’s Keep It 100 project features a more refined and improved rapper as opposed to the one who made his last project so personal it seemed like audio catharsis more than just a regular mixtape.

Shedding his “merely a poet” title with every freestyle and song tossed out for a fan base more and more eager for his material. Several releases from Keep It 100 have been issued out for the public from “Salute You” to “Letter To My Competition” and a host of others. It’s almost as if OneHunnidt gave us all of this material to perfectly set us up for a full course meal, almost a plate filled with our favorite dishes just to make one supreme dish.

Stream the tape below courtesy of Bandcamp and or download the link directly.

DOWNLOAD: OneHunnidt – Keep It 100